Monday, March 23, 2009

Hidden in a drawer

(originally posted 11/13/08)

...buried under all the bedside table junk, was a piece of nostalgia that I suppose I just could not throw away.

It was my daily point of reference, my calculator, my diary, my medical chart ... all rolled into one. It was my life captured in a Milk calendar.

In reality, there were a few years' worth of calendars marked for "easy at a glance" viewing. I wasn't crazy enough to keep all of them, though. But this snapshot was a critical one. I should probably get it embossed.

I haven't posted about my infertility story in a while. Not because I'm avoiding it ... although the subject does take a lot out of me, much of which I have buried deep within. The story just deserves more than what a NaBloPoMo'd mind can give.

So the posts, they will be coming.

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